Taylor Tales: A Collection of True Life Stories.

Taylor Tales

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Taylor Tales is a collection of 20 true-life stories, brutally honest, funny, outrageous and heart-warming.


The Night I met Jeff Wayne

Once I knew he was in the house, I was on a mission to find him.


The Joker

While in Indonesia with a matchbox full of grass, a piece of magic transpired with a pack of cards.


Astral Travel

While languishing in a jail at her majesty’s pleasure I found freedom by astral travelling. 


Two days away with a Full Wallet

A brutally honest account of a weekend spent visiting prostitutes while on Army duty in Germany. 


My Homosexual Experience

Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.


The Dirty Confessional

A disturbing story of our priest asking personal questions during our confessions.


I Punched my Mum

Having trouble controlling my adolescent hormones, I lost control with my mum and punched her in the stomach. 



When I was a Male Escort

I replied to a ‘Males Escort Wanted’ ad. Alas when my first job came through I simply didn’t measure up to the job. 


My brush with the Russian Mafia

I replied to an email asking for my bank account number and sort code. 


The Ouija Board

Dappling with an Ouija Board, and the trouble it can get you into. 





Beyond the Call of Duty

A mother and son's love stretched to the limit and beyond. 


The Bad Man

As a young man walking home a paedophile approached me and lured me away. Luckily I escaped just in time.


The Spelling Test

Have you ever scored 10/10 in a spelling test?



A Christmas Tale

A magical tale about the Christmas spirit.




While in Indonesia I was arrested for ‘pointing my finger’.  


Talking to God Almighty

As I walked along the promenade one night I talked to God. 


The Worst Dream of my Life

I died and wandered the earth as a ghost, visiting my family and friends. 


The Ghost of Robert Pimenta

Having dreamt I died the night before, I was walking to a party with a friend and together we saw the ghost of another long lost friend. 


Follow Through

A rather embarrassing story of when I pooed my pants in Washington DC. 


Top of the Class

While in the Army I scored the highest score in our police exam test, only to be told I had scored the lowest and ridiculed in front of the class. 

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